Fresh Produce

Bulk Produce

Eco-Farms is Australia’s leading and most experienced wholesaler of fresh organic and biodynamic produce. Organic produce by nature is extremely seasonal so we source our fruit and veg from all over Australia. During the winter & spring months a lot of our produce is from Queensland and then during the hotter periods, we see the majority coming from the southern states, mainly Victoria and Tasmania. Our dedicated farmers supply 7 days a week to ensure the freshest produce is available. Our produce come in a variety of sizes and grades to suit many needs. Our wholesale produce list is updated and emailed twice weekly to keep you up to date with availability, product information, specials and bulk buy discounts. We have a dedicated produce team to assist and they’ll strive to build strong relationships with customers to service their produce requirements. Please let us know if you need support and we will have someone make contact to assist.

Pre-pack Produce

Our Absolute Organic pre-packaged produce comes in shelf ready retail packaging perfect for those customers stocking conventional produce but want to give their customers an organic offering. Many of our customers in this category start out by buying in prepacks and then transition to bulk produce lines where possible. Our prepacked products come labelled, with barcodes. Absolute Organic pre-packed organic produce is a perfect produce convenience line. It works great as a supporting addition to an already existing organic wholesale range. As the produce is seasonal, the product lines reflect this so the list is weekly updated and all products are packaged fresh the night before dispatch. We have a team of produce specialists to help you with selecting range, with merchandising and point of sale support when required.