99% of our fresh produce is Australian grown

Certified Organic
Fresh Produce

We are one of Australia’s leading wholesalers of Certified Organic fresh produce, offering all sorts of fruit, vegetables, fungus and edible flowers grown in Australia. Our entire range is free from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetically modified organisms. Our products are also produced without irradiation, industrial solvents, preservatives and synthetic or chemical additives.

Certified Organic producers use sustainable biological cycles within the farming system, as well as increased biodiversity, which offers protection and enhancement to the farm and surrounding areas.

There are many reasons to offer organic over conventional

Shoppers like

Shoppers perceive the benefits of organic certification as GMO free, environmentally friendly and free from chemicals and additives*


85% of all shoppers say an organic certification mark on a product influences their purchase decision*

Everyone buys
Fresh Produce

As simple as it is, fruit and vegetables are proven to be amongst the leading food basket categories for shoppers*

Our Exclusive differences

• Flexible minimum order quantities
• We can add barcodes when requested for ease at checkout
• We export fresh produce

Pre-Packed Solutions

Besides bulk loose fresh produce, we also offer a large number of packing solutions tailored to supermarkets, cafes, and health food stores.

Our range of solutions includes stickers, tape, wraps, paper bags, bags, nets, punnets and paper trays.

Most of our solutions are sustainable and food safe, however not all of them suits every line. We count on an experienced team that is constantly searching for improved and innovative technologies.

Contact us so we can help you find the best solution for certified organic produce for your store.

Why pre-pack

• Packaging maintains the organic produce free from any cross-contamination that might occur.

• The Australian Certified Organic stamp ensures consumers that they are getting the real organic produce that meets the national standards, the greatest selling point for retailers.

• Some products maintain a better quality and slightly extended shelf life when packed, helping stores to reduce wastage.

• The inclusion of barcodes makes the checkout easier and assures the correct product is scanned.

Sustainability in Focus

• In 2015 we have switched from styrofoam trays to compostable pulp trays, which has removed approximately 350,000 polystyrene trays from land-fill per year.

• We have also switched all our paper labels to FSC certified, which means our average of 300,000 labels per year now comes from well-managed forests.

• Sustainability is a high priority for us with recycling, reducing and reusing materials whenever possible.

• We also have a dedicated team that is constantly searching for more sustainable materials and procedures.

Spring Core Range

From September to November: Banana, cabbage, carrot, green beans, beetroot, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, strawberries and more.

Summer Core Range

From December to February: Sweet corn, stone fruits, carrot, zucchini, beetroot, spinach, broccoli, grapes, Kent pumpkin, cucumber, dates and more.

Autumn Core Range

From March to May: Gala apple, dates, beetroot, broccoli, sweet corn, ginger, mushrooms, pumpkin, tomato, zucchini, rocket, baby spinach and more.

Winter Core Range

From June to August: Orange, dates, kent pumpkin, zucchini, mushroom, kale, cauliflower, Sebago potato, salad leaves and more.