About Us

Australia’s leading Wholesaler of Certified Organic and Natural food

What we do

Eco Farms distributes and manufactures Certified Organic and natural fresh fruits and vegetables with four own brands and an extensive range of grocery products delivered directly from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

We source our products from a trusted network of growers and suppliers throughout Australia and from around the world. Whether you have an independent health food shop, retailer, cafe, restaurant or online store we can offer a Certified Organic food solution that will support your business.

Our Products

Eco-Farms is a one stop Organic wholesale shop represented in the marketplace by a number of quality brands across the fresh produce and grocery categories, each different in their offering but all with a firm focus on offering clean eating, healthy and tasty products.

Made up of 3 main departments: Fresh Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables, Fresh Prepack Produce and our extensive Grocery range. We are unique in the Organic industry with extensive experience in Organic Wholesale, Export & Distribution.

Our Values

Founded on the firm belief that all Australians should have access to healthy, safe, nutritious and affordable food, Eco-Farms only source its products from an accredited network of trusted national and international suppliers who support this vision.

Eco-Farms believes that Organic and natural foods are for everyone, and under this concept we work every day to be the leader in sourcing and supplying Certified Organic and natural foods to the marketplace both Australian and international.

Why organic?


Free from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms.


Processed without irradiation, industrial solvents, preservatives and synthetic or chemical additives.


Organic producers uses recycling and biological cycles within the farming system.

Increase Biodiversity

Biodiversity protection and enhancement within the farm and surrounding areas.