Organic Cheese Brie 200g


Certified Biodynamic/organic Milk, Cultures, Non Animal Rennet, Salt.

Country of origin:


Storage conditions:

Best Consumed Within 4 Days Of Opening.

This French Style Brie Is Mild And Slightly Sweet In Flavour. When Very Young, Brie Has A White, Slightly Drier Texture That Resembles Fresh Cheese. It Delivers A Very Soft Combination Of Hazelnut And Fruit Aromas. Its Flavour Intensifies As The Cheese Matures And Develops A Subtle, Very Pleasant Taste With A Creamy Texture.

Brie Pairs Well With Light Coloured Fruit, Such As Apricots, Pears And Grapes. A Great Combination Is Brie Partnered With Quince Paste, Slightly Roasted Hazelnuts And Fresh Wholemeal Bread. When Served With Wine, Most People Would Choose A Tasty Red Wine Or A Fruity White.


Gold Medal Diaa 2008