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Absolute Organic

Introduced in 2006 with a range of Certified Organic chips, Absolute Organic has fastly become Australia's most recognisable certified organic brand. With over 1000 unique products covering fresh produce, nuts, seeds, grains, dairy and superfoods across Australia and Asia.

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Eco Organics

One of Australia's longest standing Certified Organic food brands established for over 20 years. Eco Organics started life as a range of dried fruits. Revitalised in 2015, Eco Organics range include certified organic ready to eat meals and gluten free and vegan pastas.

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Absolute Natural

Absolute Natural products are specially selected from trusted suppliers to ensure that their ingredients remain as close to nature as possible. From functional beverages to artisan beauty products, Absolute Natural products are the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Jolly Organics

Jolly Organics was established in 2001 in Europe with a small range of German inspired condiments. Fast forward to 2016 and the revitalised Jolly Organic range has been increased and continues to supply the Australian and Asian market with quality Certified Organic products.

Dr Kargs

Dr. Karg's "Cracking Good Bite" stands for high-quality crispbread delight produced using traditional German baking skills – the perfect variety for every occasion. Reliable bakers' skills, tradition and naturalness are most important for our family-run enterprise. Tradition and craftmanship – simply natural. Our philosophy is quite simple: Only the best ingredients combined with a slow baking process and traditional bakers' skills lead to this solid and pure quality valued by our customers. Our company purity mission obliges us to use only the best natural ingredients for our delicious crispbread still made in a handcrafted manner. Sustainability is of major importance for our traditional family enterprise. We offer excellent working conditions, are aware of our social responsibility, take care of an environmentally friendly production process and support the regional features of our crispbread. Thus, we are proud of our success and our reputation as an attractive employer. Our promise: Buying Dr. Karg's crispbread means enjoying a natural, authentic crispbread with a cracking good bite.

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Chi is a handcrafted herbal drink. After over 25 years doing what we do, you might think we’d be getting a little tired of it? Not likely. We love it! In fact, we’re so proud of what we do, we’ve decided to share with you how we create Ch’i. First we buy raw herbs produced by passionate growers from around the world. We blend and balance the herbs in preparation for our (sometimes secret) extraction processes. Then, starting with a man, a vat and a paddle, we handcraft intriguing herbal extracts that will become the heart and soul of our drinks. After several months,the herb extracts are ready to be blended with our pure mineral water and other ingredients. When everything’s finally ready – and only then – we bottle it. Our sparkling herbal refreshers are enjoyed by customers all over the world, and we’re working to make them available to even more. We’ve been doing this since 1987.

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Paris Creek

Based between the pristine Fleurieu Peninsula and beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is one of Australia’s finest producers of award winning dairy products. Our range of white milks, flavored milks, yogurts, quarks, butter and handcrafted French style soft and European style hard cheeses are made from the highest quality, premium, biodynamic-organic milk. At every stage of production, we avoid the use of artificial ingredients such as colors, flavors, stabilizers and anything that would interfere with the quality of our products, we minimize “unnecessary” production processes such as homogenization or UH treatment and we aim to provide the best possible health benefits for our organic-conscious consumers. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek’s point of difference starts in the soil, continuing with the pasture , the herd management, and excels in our processing method.

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Pure Harvest

Pureharvest was established in 1979 in Prahran, Victoria. Our first products were bulk whole grains and beans which we distributed to health food stores in Victoria. We grew quickly and within a few years Pureharvest became one of the largest suppliers of seeds and grains to the bakery trade in Victoria. In 1982 we were one of the first companies in Australia to import and distribute soy milk and rice cakes in the country, and we were largely responsible for creating markets for these products. We were the first company to distribute bio-dynamic rice in the country and played a key role in financing the first organic rice crop grown in Australia. Man in fieldIn 1987 we were the first Australian company to sell locally made whole bean soy milk, marketed under the ‘Aussie Soy’ brand. Aussie Soy has remained one of the leading Australian whole bean soy milks to this day. In the early 1990s we introduced rice milk to the Australian market, which we followed up by making oat milk available for the first time. More recently we have continued to strengthen our reputation as an innovator in the Australian market by introducing organic almond milk to consumers. We are now located in Drouin, in the Gippsland area of regional Victoria, and are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic food. We have a national distribution network and supply major supermarkets and health food retailers across the country with our comprehensive range of superior organic and natural products. Our current range includes non-dairy milks, fruit juices, cold pressed oils, organic sweeteners, rice cakes and soy sauces, as well as a large range of organic grains, flours, beans, nuts, dried fruit and seeds. We are one of Australia’s leading exporters of organic and natural products, exporting to a number of countries worldwide.

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Australias Own

Australia’s Own Organic is an Australian Organic food and beverage brand endorsed under the Australian Certified Organic program, operated by the Biological Farmers Association. We are part of the Freedom Foods Group of brands which specializes in food focused on health and nutrition. From humble beginnings as a supplier of organic soy milk, our brand has expanded to include a number of alternative milks such as rice, oat and almond as well as liquid stocks and organic wraps. No longer a niche health food brand, Australia’s Own Organic products can now be found in all leading supermarkets around the country.

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Say hello to PERKii. We’re PROBIOTICS like you’ve never experienced before. FIrstly; we’re a lactose-free and low calorie drink with awesome natural fruit flavours. A great taste for anytime of the day. But our secret sauce is our armour-plated probiotics. Or more specifically: Progel™ coated., That’s right – we’ve given our probiotic friends a special microgel coating that gives them special survival capabilities through the stomach. So unlike other commercial probiotic products, you get MORE live and working probiotics to your intestine where you need them! All of which adds up to a better balanced drink and a better balanced you. So don’t delay, start living PERKii today. Want to know more about Progel™ Technology? Progel™ was developed by by scientist Bhesh Bhandari and our geeky friends at The University of Queensland in Brisbane for all sorts of goodness. For PERKii, Progel™ protects by encapsulating our probiotics with tiny (micro stuff) natural beads called Microgels. If you want to know a little more about the team and their sciency goodness, visit Progel™ and take a look around.

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Greenwood Organics

Greenwood Orchards is located at Merrigum in the Goulburn Valley, about 170 km north of Melbourne. Henry Greenwood first established the orchard in 1906. During this time orchardists were using solely organic fertilisers such as manure. Management of the orchard was then conceded to Henry’s wife Rhoda during the 1920’s. Rhoda continued to run the orchard until her son Farrendon (Farrie) took over during the World War II. During this time Farrie developed a fruit drying enterprise. Organic farming methods were used, despite the increasing introduction of artificial fertilisers. Lynton uses a number of distributors, the largest being the Biodynamic Marketing Company, which sends his pears and apples to most Australian states. Some of the fruit is processed into Biodynamic juices: pear, apple, and apple/pear. The juices have no additives and are pasteurised at the lowest possible temperature in order to retain the inherent nutritional quality of the fruit. glenara In 1964, Farrie converted to Bio-dynamics under the guidance of Alex Podolinsky. In the early years, Demeter certification (the first organic certification in Australia) catered for growers who were required to spray some chemicals for market requirements, by providing a Grade C certification in addition to Grade A (fully Bio-dynamic), and Grade B (Bio-dynamic in conversion). Grade C was later withdrawn as the organic industry and the organic market developed sufficiently. During these years, Farrie used limited chemicals at half recommended rates. Farrie became a leading Bio-dynamic practitioner and advisor of enormous influence within Australia. FarrieFarrendon Francis Greenwood in 1974. Farrie’s wife Audrey was an active participant in the life of the orchard until her late 80s, had a warm and profound influence on many people’s lives far and wide, and had an immensely encouraging influence on the development of the Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia over the years. Farrie’s son Lynton took over management of the orchard in 1986. He immediately stopped spraying chemicals on the 40 acre block nearest the house, and progressively stopped spraying the rest of the orchard in the following years. The main orchard is now Bio-dynamic (Grade A). In 2008 a local orchard was purchased and is now Certified Bio-dynamic. Apple varieties grown are mainly Granny Smiths, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji, Braeburn, Royal Gala and Sundowners, while pears include Packham, Williams, Winter Nelis, Buerre Bosc, Josephine Clapps, Red D’Anjou, Green D’Anjou and Red Sensation. Greenwood Orchards have hosted the annual conference of the BDAAA since 1987. This event is a wonderful opportunity for bio-dynamic farmers to gather together and share experiences and knowledge, while enjoying some fantastic bio-dynamic food and wine. The orchard is a family affair including Joan and Lynton’s children; Joel, Claire, James and Alex, and Lynton’s sister Debbie Greenwood and her daughter Kate

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It all began in 2004 when we were looking for a healthy snack for our children. Finding nothing on the market that satisfied us led to experiments in our family kitchen and road-tests on our kids. After many late nights and burnt saucepans, we got it right – and Cobs popcorn was born. John & Ravit Walys.

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Pure Life Bakery

Our breads are made from Australian grown Demeter certified biodynamic grains with no additives, preservatives, yeast, salt, sugars, flour or added gluten. We believe we make the only health bread as all other breads use additives.

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