Eco-farms comprises four unique brands, each serving customer needs
in different ways, always focusing on healthy, quality and flavour

Introduced in 2006 with a range of Certified Organic chips, Absolute Organic has fast become Australia's most recognisable certified organic brand. With over 200 products covering fresh produce, nuts, seeds, grains, dairy and superfoods.
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One of Australia's longest standing Certified Organic food brands established over 20 years ago. Revitalised in 2015, Eco Organics range now includes certified organic "ready to eat" meals and gluten free vegan pastas.
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Absolute Natural products are specially selected from trusted suppliers to ensure that their ingredients remain as close to nature as possible. From functional beverages to artisan beauty products, Absolute Natural products are the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Jolly Organics was established in 2001 in Europe with a small range of German inspired condiments. Fast forward to 2016 and the revitalised Jolly Organic range has been increased and continues to supply the Australian and Asian market with quality Certified Organic products.

Why organic?




Increase Biodiversity